The Process

What You Need to Know


Choosing your Celebrant

This is one of the many big decisions you have to make and y'know what - it has to be a fit for both of us. We will have a phone call as a quick ‘getting to know you’ session and cover any questions either us have.

If I'm not the celebrant for you, I'll happily introduce you to some lovely folk who I'm sure would be perfect.


It's me? Yay!

This is where the fun starts. We need to get together in person or via video chat to go a little deeper. I’ll share a questionnaire with each of you so I can get some great content and we can talk about how you met, your life together now and in the future and of course what you want for your wedding day.

We also need to lock everything in with a 50% deposit (non-refundable). The balance can be paid 7 days before the wedding.


Completing the NOIM

We have some legal paperwork and I’ll need to see certain identification and official documents which I will walk you through.

Designing the Ceremony

I have a bunch of ceremonies that we can look through to pick and choose the bits you like and want.

Or we can build yours from scratch - its completely up to you!


Designing the Reception

If you are looking for an MC, I'm happy to oblige! If not, nothing for us to do here.

7 days before

We have a final call/ video chat to confirm everything and make any changes.

On The Day!

I’ll only ever have your event on that day, so I am at your command! Within reason of course…
I’ll arrive and set up early and bring my PA (if needed) and all the paperwork.

Everything will go smoothly, I’ll make sure of it.


After the Day

It's Happily ever after!
Oh and I'll lodge the necessary paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages.

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